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Construction site

These benches or auxiliary tables are unique pieces made by hand from pieces of Eucalyptus or Pine trunks. We call them "Organic Trunks" because of the way we gave them, with curves predominating. They were polished and polished in black.

Its measurements are varied, some with more or less height and diameter. 



It is an original creation of the Decopiq team. They were made entirely in our atelier in Montevideo, Uruguay; from the inspiration, design and manufacturing._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_cf5cf


Delivery term

When the works are commissioned by the client, the estimated delivery time is 2 months from the receipt of the 50% down payment. In case the work is already available, the delivery is immediate if it is within Uruguay. When the work is abroad, the delivery time will be longer depending on the means of freight used.



The price of Decopiq works does not include the cost of shipping. The works are withdrawn by the atelier in Montevideo or in case you want shipping we can coordinate it together. For shipments abroad contact us by Whatsapp at +598225050 or email


Organic Logs

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