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This set of lamps was named "Pineapples" for the base with pineapple-shaped. It is part of the 2022 limited edition lamp collection.  It measures 73 cm high including the lampshade x 36 cm diameter each. Its bases are made of wood carved in the shape of pineapples, polished in a brown-gold color and a beige canvas screen. They are already electrified. They are unique pieces obtained in an antique store y restored by the Decopiq team.


Delivery term

The lamps have immediate delivery. 



The price of Decopiq lamps does not include the cost of shipping. They are withdrawn by nuestra Casa Atelier in Montevideo or in case you want shipping we can coordinate it together. For shipments abroad contact us by Whatsapp at +598225050 or email



- Single price 380 USD

- The price is VAT included

Lamps Set Pineapples

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